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Setting up Windows 2000 as an NTP client

Really good Windows resource site How to configure Certificate Server for use with SSL on IIS - Article ID : 218445 How To Set Up SSL Using IIS 5.0 and Certificate Server 2.0 - Article ID : 299525 How To Configure SSL in a Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 Test Environment by Using Certificate Server 2.0 - Article ID : 290625 HOW TO: Enable SGC on Internet Information Server - Article ID : 201255


WSH and VBscripting info:

Microsoft Windows Script Technologies on MSDN - Windows 98 Book "Professional Reference" Microsoft Scripting Resources - very good actually "Windows Scripting" from MSDN Windows Scriptng and Windows management from "ActiveXperts" - Windows2000 Resource Kit - from "ActiveXperts" Clutch parts for Cub Cadet Tractor - Cub Cadet Unofficial Home Page All about "File System Object " (FSO) - Really good - just the thing I have been looking for - Dictionary Object Tutorial;en-us;187234 Really good Microsoft article on Dictionary Object Good blurb on the Windows/WSH RegExp Object. Good link on ADODB connection syntax Probably a BETTER blurp on regular expresions - Windows scripting environment syntax. Good general WSH 5.6 article Karl Moore's Visual Basic Tutorials at VB Articles at Convert Between Image Formats in .NET By Karl Moore Good reference on HTTP headers and Meta Tags Good generic SQL app performance tips. Word Doc to PDF Conversion - Command line Using VBScript, distiller and Automation Word Convert erExe Command Line Interface (Command Line or GUI Driven file type conversion) File Conversion utility Another PDF distiller knock-off Site with a bunch of script examples utilizing zlib